Dance Dates: Foundation Series goes deep.

It teaches you and your partner the intimate art of leading and following. It will transform your dancing and spark romance.



"The class was excellent! I got more out of the first class than I have ever learned in any other dance classes."

- Spence

So you're wondering what to do for your next date night? We got you covered. Get Dance Dates: Foundation Series, pour some drinks, move the coffee table, and get some music playing. We'll guide you through the rest to create the magical date nights you both desire with fun, excitement, and romance along the way.

5 Star Instruction

This ain't our first rodeo, ahem, dance.

• We have 40 years of combined teaching experience

• 1000's of satisfied students

• Multiple DVIDA certifications

• We teach versatile dance steps and essential techniques

• We know what to focus on to help you make the most of your learning experience, and feel like royalty on the dance floor!

Romance + Connection

Isn't that really why we're doing this?

Most dance programs do not emphasize this crucial element, but we'll teach you the art of connection: authentic leading and following. This is what creates intimacy, and makes dancing with your partner feel natural and magical all at once.

**BONUS: we also teach the art of the fabulous date night, so that your lessons are much more than just lessons. 

Class Notes

Don't worry, we wrote them for you.

Each lesson in our Foundation Series comes with a summary to download to keep you on track and ensure that you don't miss a beat (pun intended). There are a lot of important details not to be missed, such connection with your partner and music, the difference between rotation and spins, how to properly dip your partner, and more!

Your next four fabulous date nights are only $147


"Wow! After just one lesson and ten minutes of practice, we are moving to the music and enjoying dancing together. This is totally changing the way we dance together. Thank you! "

- Maggie


"Quality of instruction was amazing and as someone who can't dance (and know it very well) and is therefore extremely self conscious - they helped me get over that in a hurry!" 

- Allan

Sneak a peek at Dance Dates: Foundation Series

Here we are teaching at our beautiful historic ballroom in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Can I get an Amen for the internet?! Because now the dance lessons can travel to you, virtually of course.


Meet Your Dance Teachers

Hello, lovebirds! I'm guessing you're here to find a way to shake things up for your next date night. The Foundation Series is right up your alley. How do we know?

My husband Raymond and I have over 40 years of combined teaching experience, and we can tell you one thing about every single couple we have taught: practicing the art of connection made a huge difference not only in their dancing, but in their everyday lives.

By the way, my name is Emily, and I am so excited to share this series with you.

Your next four fabulous date nights will be nothing like you expected, in the best possible way. We created this class with you in mind. Yes, you! There is truly something here for everyone. Are you ready?