The Nature of Nurturing Love

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If you're reading this, you may already know about the many faces, hats, and costumes of Melonlight. Our passion is entertainment, inviting our audience to experience a show in ways no screen can deliver. The root of this passion began on the dance floor, experiencing connection in partnership dance for the first time. That experience drives everything we do today, including Dance Dates - which, to our surprise and delight, is delivered to you through any screen you desire.

When we fall in love, be it with a passion or person (or both!), it really does feel like a fall. We do not let go of fear, rather we find courage to nestle ourselves into the safety and reassurance of that love to support us as we surrender to it. In the dance world, we "fall" with full control: rehearsing every step to know where we're going and how to get there, how to find that connection to the floor or with the arms that are lovingly ready to catch us. It is a technique to be practiced and polished with exponential opportunities to improve. Such is the nature of Dance Dates.

November has swept in with moody days and falling leaves - wedding season is upon us! Our beautiful historic ballroom has seen so many love stories come to life, the first chapter of happily ever after, with stunning colors and decor, DJs and live bands working their magic, delicious food, sparklers, custom party favors, and hundreds of glasses of champagne. These couples took the fall into each other's arms and uplifted the other in the planning process to celebrate their journey. And what an honor for us to be part of their celebration!

Of course, having had a destination wedding ourselves, we know the beauty and challenges on an intimate level. It's not always sparklers and champagne toasts. It's planning a budget, making appointments, saving the date, creating a registry, and maybe even making your paper flower bouquet on the road trip to your destination because there was just no other time to do it. 

The confidence to face these challenges sometimes feels out of reach, but in the entertainment industry, you learn how to fake it til you make it. That doesn't necessarily mean pretending to be genuine, it means genuinely reaching for that confidence, knowing you have earned it, and not giving up on your dreams even when they scare you (in the best possible way, of course). Whatever the fall, there is always a catch to lift you back up. Such, again, is the nature of Dance Dates.

Now here is where the connection of Dance Dates and wedding planning becomes so fulfilling.

Maybe you and your love are not dancers, in fact there are four or five left feet between you. Trust me, as teachers we have heard it all! That's why we created a way to guide every couple toward their perfect first dance and even more loving date nights as happily ever after unfolds.

When you connect as a couple, when those eyes gaze lovingly back at you, you know there will always be someone to catch you when you fall. After all, you already fell for them. So why not keep falling for them again and again? There is only one wedding to plan, and a lifetime of fulfillment to follow. Like every journey, this one starts with just a few basic steps, and you can take them together at your own pace from the comfort of your own living room.

Our Dance Dates: First Wedding Dance program is designed to take you from zero to confident wedding dance using however much time you need, as all couples are unique in their skill sets and desired outcomes. The course includes all the necessary instruction in dance steps, techniques, how to lead and follow, how to set your new dance moves to your music, guidance on clothing and shoes, how to communicate important details with your DJ/band and venue, a practice schedule and more!

Dance Dates is an all-encompassing tool to help you find confidence together, wherever and whenever you decide to stream your lessons, no experience required. Our Connection Series and Swing Volume 1 lessons also invite a nice break from the everyday rhythm of life, a simple and consistent block of time together to learn and grow with your one and only. 

Let ours be the (virtual) arms that uplift you both through the wedding planning process and beyond. We are happy to do so! 

And just a friendly reminder among the swirling leaves of Autumn and wedding preparation… You got this! 


With love,

Caia Claire

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